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"Jane makes heavenly music at Jazz concerts, classical concerts, weddings, social receptions. Her tone fills the room with warmth". Interviewer: "Define happiness". Jane: "Being able to appreciate what you have. Smelling the fresh air, feeling the wind, looking into the faces of the little children I teach". Herald Tribune Style Magazine December 2001. Article by Ruth Lando.

"The flute and piano jazz duo, was just what the doctor ordered. It was just the music we were looking for. Upbeat, beautiful melodies, swinging rhythms and great tunes for the older folks. The flute soared like an angel up to the top of the high ceilings and filled the room with energy and joy".
A 100 year birthday party at the Heron House Retirement Center in Sarasota, FL

"Wow...., I never tapped my foot to communion before. We hope that you come back soon". Congregant. Longboat Key Chapel. September 2004

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